Yun Nam Hair Care

Yun Nam Hair Care is committed to being the No1 Hair Care Centre in Malaysia by giving our customers our best efforts for their best results! As the pioneer hair loss brand in Malaysia, Yun Nam’s formula of traditional Chinese premium herbs including Ginseng, Chinese Angelica Root, Codonopsis Pilosul Root and Tuber Fleeceflower Root which are used in our treatments and other hair care products has solved many different severe hair loss problems resulting in testimonials from thousands of happy and successful customers. Yun Nam recognizes the importance of maintaining scalp health in solving hair loss problems as a clean, healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth from the roots, resulting in healthy, vibrant hair for all customers. Our treatment follows the 3 key steps of growth, stabilisation and thickening. Customers will first undergo a scalp scan to identify the cause of hair loss in order to customise their treatment and ingredients to first grow new hair, then stabilise the growth of healthy hair and finally, increasing the thickness of new, healthy hair. Yun Nam has been voted Superbrand’s Best Consumer Choice and Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in Malaysia. Continuing over 3 decades of a tradition of excellence in scalp & hair care, Yun Nam is also celebrating the launch of our latest hair growth technology, Ultra HairGro. Technology meets tradition with the very latest in cutting edge technology working in conjunction with Yun Nam’s traditional herbal formulas to bring scalp and hair care to new heights and better results.


New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions is a prestigious skincare company originating from the United States, priding itself as Malaysia’s No. 1 Skincare Brand that is dedicated to providing comprehensive skin solutions consisting of skin condition treatments to skin rejuvenation needs, catering for all individuals who face numerous skin concerns. Established in 2004, New York Skin Solutions has helped several individuals to resolve most forms of skin problems effectively with personalised and hands-on treatment solutions that are prepared by a team of professional consultants. Here at New York Skin Solutions, we offer more than just treatments. We strive to make you feel welcomed, well cared for, and remembered. We aim to educate and provide every man and woman with the knowledge to look after themselves and improve their concerns, even after they complete their journey with us. All of New York Skin Solutions' treatments and products are created with all-natural plant extracts that are effective in maintaining healthy skin from the inside out. Just come and experience a facial treatment at New York Skin Solutions and see the skin transform to its best condition yet!


London Weight Management

Since 2000, London Weight Management has offered safe, easy, and effective weight loss programs for women to achieve an ideal, healthy weight. With over 20 years of industry experience, our group of Medical Researchers, Nutritionists, Weight Management Consultants, and Weight Experts have helped women achieve their ideal weight and maintain the pinkest of health within the shortest time possible with sophisticated yet advanced solutions, using all-natural plant essences and ingredients. Trained with the latest international standards and excellent customer service skills, we ensure our customers experience nothing short of top-quality weight management sessions. We claim ownership of our customers’ satisfaction, hence providing service with ultimate professionalism and dedication until each and every customer achieves the results she wants. Our weight loss consultants will provide a detailed analysis with a customised treatment program based on every customer's weight problem. Our unique weight loss formulations contain 100% natural botanical extracts which are carefully applied using the latest fat-burning technologies. Since our establishment, we have helped many Malaysian women who were battling weight issues to turn over a new leaf and change their lives by instilling confidence through their weight loss experience. This achievement could be seen in the more than 3 million successful testimonials from satisfied customers all around Malaysia.




3068, Jalan Todak, Pusat Bandar
Seberang Jaya, 13700 Seberang Jaya.
Pulau Pinang

Tel : 604 – 3979 888
Fax : 604 – 3979 883

Operating Hours:
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Daily)


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